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This Opportunity Gets Bigger by The Day w/ Missy Bentley

June 23, 2022 Episode 235
Massive Agent Podcast
This Opportunity Gets Bigger by The Day w/ Missy Bentley
Show Notes

Are you pessimistic when it comes to market outlook? Most agents that over-consume media headlines are. As noted in the media, yes, there is a cool-down in the market. But that does NOT guarantee a crash; if anything, it is a correction. The difference between this market cool-down and the crash in the 2000s is simply the overload of information in the palm of our hands.

On this week's episode of the Massive Agent Podcast, Real Estate Broker and badass Missy Bentley joins host Dustin Brohm to shed some light on how she navigated the 2007-2009 crash and practices she ensures would be useful in what is currently occurring in the market right now. A cancer survivor, Missy exemplifies her story through genuine education and motivation. 

Listen to Missy's tips for agents to avoid falling down a rabbit hole in a market like this. Are you taking care of yourself mentally? Do you have a hobby outside of real estate? Are you seeking external help? These are questions we need to be asking ourselves in order to stay optimistic. Missy notes that optimism and positivity are not the same things. Optimism is a choice, and how can we make the most of it in a time like this?

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