Massive Agent Podcast

From Teacher of the Year to Top Producer w/ Liz Vaynerchuk Novello

May 14, 2020 Dustin Brohm Episode 125
Massive Agent Podcast
From Teacher of the Year to Top Producer w/ Liz Vaynerchuk Novello
Massive Agent Podcast
From Teacher of the Year to Top Producer w/ Liz Vaynerchuk Novello
May 14, 2020 Episode 125
Dustin Brohm

Regardless who you are, who you know, or who your family is... if you don't put in the work, consistently doing the right things, you don't really stand a chance of being a successful Realtor long term. Liz Vaynerchuck Novello, an agent w/ Sotheby's in New Jersey learned this lesson firsthand after becoming a Realtor in early 2018.

We all overestimate how fast we'll become successful as Realtors. I sure as hell did. But as you'll hear today, even Liz Novello, Gary Vaynerchuk's younger sister, had a slow start as an agent. In her first year, she only sold one home. As she admits, with the high-level access and credibility that she started with, she thought she'd start out faster. The reasons why she started slower than anticipated are a great lesson and reminder to the rest of us real estate agents.

Liz tells the story of how she went from being a school teacher, even earning Teacher of the Year at one point, to meeting Tom Ferry at Agent 2021 just hours after getting her real estate license. She thought she'd have a great first year as a Realtor, but only ended up selling one home. But what she did to turn the corner and become a top producer is something every Realtor needs to hear.

Listen now to hear Liz Novello tell her story of what it's like being coached by Tom Ferry & what it’s like growing up as a Vaynerchuk.

I'm currently seeking team leaders in most markets for my eXp Realty team. I'll be picking market leaders soon, so shoot me a DM asap if you'd like details about qualifying to be our team leader in your market.

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Show Notes Transcript

Regardless who you are, who you know, or who your family is... if you don't put in the work, consistently doing the right things, you don't really stand a chance of being a successful Realtor long term. Liz Vaynerchuck Novello, an agent w/ Sotheby's in New Jersey learned this lesson firsthand after becoming a Realtor in early 2018.

We all overestimate how fast we'll become successful as Realtors. I sure as hell did. But as you'll hear today, even Liz Novello, Gary Vaynerchuk's younger sister, had a slow start as an agent. In her first year, she only sold one home. As she admits, with the high-level access and credibility that she started with, she thought she'd start out faster. The reasons why she started slower than anticipated are a great lesson and reminder to the rest of us real estate agents.

Liz tells the story of how she went from being a school teacher, even earning Teacher of the Year at one point, to meeting Tom Ferry at Agent 2021 just hours after getting her real estate license. She thought she'd have a great first year as a Realtor, but only ended up selling one home. But what she did to turn the corner and become a top producer is something every Realtor needs to hear.

Listen now to hear Liz Novello tell her story of what it's like being coached by Tom Ferry & what it’s like growing up as a Vaynerchuk.

I'm currently seeking team leaders in most markets for my eXp Realty team. I'll be picking market leaders soon, so shoot me a DM asap if you'd like details about qualifying to be our team leader in your market.

Watch: eXp Realty Explained


Looking for the best real estate and mortgage podcasts?

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Products or services mentioned:

Wise Agent: The real estate CRM I use - 14 Day Free Trial PLUS copy my drip campaigns

Massive Agent Society: Our "One Agent Per Market" Real Estate Lead Gen Coaching Program and online course - Claim Your Market Now

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*The Massive Agent Podcast is an Industry Syndicate production

spk_1:   0:00
on this episode, we sit down with Liz Vaynerchuk Novello to hear how she went from Teacher of the Year two top producing real estate agent in New Jersey. In just a few short years, you'll hear how her first year did not go according to plan at all and what she did to turn the corner and have a thriving business. The massive agent podcast. We lead generation tips and strategies to give you more leads and sell more homes. I love to buy houses. I like to sell houses, takes brass balls to sell. Wait a minute, leaves a week. You're week. I've had better. Oh, I got your attention Now here's your hose dust in the brome. What is up? Everybody? Welcome to Episode 1 25 of the massive Agent podcast. What a freaking awesome interview we have today with just such an amazing woman. Such an amazing real estate agent and a really fun conversation. So listen. Avello is an agent with Sotheby's in New Jersey. She's been an agent for just shy of three years now, and Liz is actually the younger sister of Gary Vaynerchuk. So she has a very interesting story of getting started in the real estate industry, and it's really cool to hear some of the stuff behind the scenes that was happening. You would think that, you know, and she knows this. We talked about this in the interview, but you you'd think that being the younger sister of Gary V and having access not just to him but to Tom Ferry, for example, which you'll hear about and others that she right off the bat right out of the gate, she would just kill it, sell 100 homes the first year and, you know, off into the wind. But no, no off into the sunset. That's the right one off into the sunset. But that's not what happened. She sold one home in her first year, but it's what she did to turn the corner and what she did to flip the switch to really to really thrive. That is so interesting. And she tells that story of why she didn't do so well her first year, despite all the access that she has that pretty much no one else does. But how she's really niche down found what works for her. It's a great story, so Let's get into it here in just a sec if you are new to the show. Welcome. My name is Dustin Brome, your host. I am a realtor in Salt Lake City, Utah, with the XP Realty. I'm the co founder of the Industry Syndicate Real Estates Podcast Network. I am a national speaker on all things real estate marketing and podcasting, and thank God you guys have heard me and previous episodes say that I used to be a speaker when we had these things called events. But those events are coming back. I have some that are already getting booked for for October and September, so that's super exciting. I'm gonna be in Scottsdale in early October, and then there's a fume or that all announced once they're solidified. So I'm excited to get back back on the road, meet some of you guys, speak on some stages, travel. I love traveling. I also write a weekly column for housing wire, and I am founder of the one agent per market lead gen program called the Massive Agent Society. You can check out the details over a massive agent society dot com before I get into the interview I want to give a shout out to one of our society members. Wayne Bennett. Just Ah, he's in the Charlotte Fort Mill, South Carolina area suburbs. He got 450 leads in three weeks. Average about 70 cents per lead. This is insane. He told me that on Mother's Day he got 45 leads. He's like, this isn't saying this is the best ever on. All he did was copy and paste and add that we have in our database. And he followed the instructions. So, Wayne, congratulations. I'm glad to hear they're thriving. Those were not common results. They're not uncommon. But to that extent, they're not super common. But I don't know about you. If I could just get that half right, I'm totally stoked. So, Wayne, congratulations. Alright, guys, if you have not yet subscribed to the show, please do. Then you do not miss an episode. We come out with a new one every Thursday morning. But if you subscribe on apple podcasts on Spotify on pocket casts or wherever you listen, you get a notification every time a new episode drops and you'll never you'll never get behind. So please do that. It also is a way for you to help us out by showing the algorithms on these podcast platforms that this show is in demand. It helps us to be seen by more people, show up higher in the podcast search, bring ings and grow a larger audience, and attract bigger and better guests like our guest today. Liz Novello, the younger sister of Gary V supercool. What I before we start the interview, she's done. She's done so much on her own. Okay, I've seen some How do even wear this? I really wanted to celebrate her and what she has done. Because, as you will hear, just because you have access to information or access to people does not mean that you will be successful unless you take certain actions and you do certain things. She's gonna tell that story, and you're gonna be like, wow, like, yes, you have full control over what happens in your business. Okay, Spoiler alert. You have full control, and you're gonna hear exactly what that looks like. Let's get into it with Liz Novello. What's up, guys? I'm here with Liz Novello. Welcome, Liz. To the massive agent podcast. How you doing?

spk_0:   5:17
Very well. Thanks so much for having me.

spk_1:   5:19
Absolutely. Thanks for being here. You have such an interesting story. And in that story, I want to be heard today because you you're somebody who because of your family because of you know, your older brother, you had access that to certain people in certain leaders, within industries that most agents don't. And so you're a fairly new agent, I believe, right? So within the last couple years or few years before we get into that story, which is so interesting because it's spoiler alert on your own, You've you've really put in the work to be successful on your own. And that's what's being noticed, which is really cool. The story of how you got there and how you made that happen and how you're juggling being a full time mom and home schooling and every all this craziness of today's world and you're still being successful. That story is where the values out. So I really want to focus the majority of our time on that, But lives before we jump into that in, like, 60 seconds or so, you know. How did you even get into the real estate industry, you know, how did that even happen?

spk_0:   6:23
So I have always loved realist state. I think that, um it was always part of my child, and my parents and my older brother immigrated from the four former Soviet Union. They moved into an apartment queens with my great grandparent's in my grandma. My aunt and uncle and I was born six months later. And, um, my parents eventually moved to New Jersey, uh, to Dover. And then my dad worked construction. So really did that. And then he would paint apartment buildings at night. And then he became a stock boy at a liquor store in Clark, New Jersey, and within five years he went from Stock Boy knowing zero of the language to managing being partners of that liquor store well, and then opening up his own business. So part of my life, my my mom always used to take us to open houses, and he has always loved design and things like that, and she would get decorating ideas. And that's why when people come to open houses, I never get crazy. You know, a lot of people, just kind of a lot of agents hate the lookie loos. But that was our family on DA. My mom used to say Dream big, and I used to always find, like, the kid's room that they had set up as a model room and I would dream about, you know, living in that space. So I think construction has always been part of my life. My parents went on to build their store or the wine library. Um, it's probably the most beautiful liquor store I don't even know. I haven't even entered too many liquor stores in my lifetime, probably less than five. But it's a massive building and super gorgeous. They built their dream house. Um, it's something that I have a passion for myself with decorating. And, um, just what a home means. So I think, you know, a lot of my child had really prepared me and maybe want to get into real estate.

spk_1:   8:36
So when did you get to the point where you're like, You know what? I'm gonna get my license now I'm gonna be I'm actually gonna become a real estate agent. Wasn't it around the time of agent 2021 in 2019?

spk_0:   8:47
Yes. Oh, it's so funny. So for many years, um, I was a stay home mom from with seven years or roughly seven years and I was a teacher Prior, um was staying home with my kids, and during that time, I would send listings to my mom like I would find homes and be like, What do you think? And then I would like Tell her what I would change about the house send and ah, Or if I go to my friend's house, I'm always thinking about they should knock that wall down. So I've always thought about a bit, you know, being a stay home, mom, having that privilege to stay home with my Children. I felt really guilty for even thinking that I wanted to do something outside my home. But I just kept having this push of like, Gosh, I would be the best agent because I love people. I love helping people, and I love the meaning of a home and design. So, um, for years I would say, I'm gonna I'm gun and then finally, um, my older brother takes me on one trip a year international trip, and he sent a car for me and I literally logged on to Milburn professional business school and signed up for real estate class, uh, with nerves. But I knew that if I got on that plane and said, I'm gonna he was gonna punch me in my face. So I signed up for real estate school. I took the course and 72 hours after I was license, I was that age in 2021.

spk_1:   10:16
Oh, wow. That's cool. So that was January 2019. Awesome event. I was I was that That was not the 1st 1 but the 2019 1 Okay, so what

spk_0:   10:26
reader? 18. Right? I think that's 28

spk_1:   10:29
was the one on the field or on the tennis

spk_0:   10:30
courts on the field.

spk_1:   10:32
Okay. Okay. Cool. I was not at that one. Yep. Okay, so yeah, that was 2018. Not cool. Uh, wow. So I mean, perfect setting to you. Get your license. You're like, OK, what do I do now? Now you're dropped in the middle of all these amazing thought leaders for the industry. Tell us about that journey. So you got your license. What? I'm kind of curious to like What were your were you thinking Yeah, the path would look like and what it actually look like for you. Let's talk

spk_0:   11:01
very. Yeah, I mean, very different. I went aged 2021. I felt empowered that this stay at home mom was licensed and that I was of energetic. And I had that sales blood and and I was hunched Shit. And ah, my first year was super mumbling. I mean, when I tell you a humble pa, another only sold one house that first year period, I sold one home, and I thought I was going to, like, take down every agent, right? Like I was like, I'll show them I didn't show anybody anything. Um, e I definitely was humbled. I did a lot of high end rentals that year. You know, the one thing I did Ah, my very first transaction was with an NFL football player for a rental. And and I didn't get that from my brother, and it was a Jets player, so

spk_1:   11:58
of course it was a Jets player. Wasn't a Patriots

spk_0:   12:00
player lighting. So for may, Um, but yeah, that first year, I really realized, uh, not only through a lot of self reflection, but also you know at the time, and met Tom very at the first agent 2021. And I didn't even know that he was a big deal. Like, I I I just would say Tom and people would be like, Are you talking about Tom Ferry? And so he called me a couple months in after we met and and literally said, What are you doing? And I and I I didn't know. I was like, Well, I'm kind of, you know, dabbling, but not And so as my brother would say, Like, you can't be half pregnant. I was half pregnant. I was a secret agent. I wasn't sharing because I was so afraid of failure. What people would think I wasn't ready to be exposed to my friends because I had stayed home. A lot of my mom. But mom friends were staying hopeful moms. Not all of them were super supportive. You know of the idea. Or maybe it made them question their own life. But I was really nervous and like the day that time very called me. I realized, like I better get it together because if I want to be successful, I have to go all in?

spk_1:   13:22
Yes. And so you weren't your first year.

spk_0:   13:25
I wasn't. And in fact, I was with the different brokerage that I am with now. And I realized, you know what? It's time to change everything. It's time to be with people that I really could grow from, um, people that were doing, you know, things that I wanted to dio um And so I had started with the new brokerage the start of my second year. And I'm still with, um, the Gosling Group And, uh, what's sotherby's actually diagonal from my dad's store on Millburn Avenue So I could literally wave toe wine, library, every mote cool thing that I go there. So, yeah, back to like what I consider my old stomping grounds. Because my dad store was always such an anchor of my childhood. We would go there just to see my dad. He's doing work pretty much every day until I turned 10. So uhm are Mom would bring us there.

spk_1:   14:25
That's cool. Um, so what did you change when you said that you went all in? You change brokerages. You made a decision more. Most importantly, what did you do different? You know what did going all in look like for you?

spk_0:   14:38
Yeah, I think it was just being true and authentic to my life. So, like sharing with people that I'm an agent and like Arliss of being scared or not, uh, pushing myself, Um, it was head down and doing what Tom very preaches. It's, you know, head down and learning the actual grind of the business. Learning, learning, learning. For me, it was all about mastering, uh, and and still today, I think there's always an aspect of this business that is new and changing and evolving and just learning the B six. Right? Because I know that I have something different. But I knew that I needed to learn the basics.

spk_1:   15:23
Absolutely. Did you find that once you started to learn the basics that it boosted your confidence, which helped you do everything else better? Or did it look different?

spk_0:   15:31
Yeah. You know, this, like your first sailed, makes you a little more confident. The next deal makes you a little bit stronger. The following deal feels much better, you know. Now starting. You know your three like this past week, I did mawr deals than than my first year, you know, and we're in a pandemic. So, um, I think just really teaming up with right people. Um and really learning the business was key. So it's just exposing myself, which is not easy, great, but being OK with whatever that looked like.

spk_1:   16:12
What are some of those basics? The things that you really focused on? What are some of those things,

spk_0:   16:17
though? Tom told me in that conversation when he called me as I was driving to pick up my son from preschool, my daughter from preschool and I pulled over. He said, Liz, you have to call every expired listing. I was like, I don't like calling

spk_1:   16:33
you up on with you

spk_0:   16:34
and asking them for the things because in my family, like you rather die the next for anything. Like, do not ask anybody For one thing figured out right? So I said, I don't like asking people. I feel like I need to prove myself, is what I said and he said was, You're not proving yourself. Call them. Don't ask them. For one thing, just understand why they expired. Listing occurred. Why did their sale not happen? And you will find out that it's basically the same thing as I know now. It's always down to price communication, things like that. So, um, I think it made me have my guard down because I didn't feel like I was asking them for their business. I'm just enquiring

spk_1:   17:26
right. I really liked that approach. Actually. I mean, so many, so many people there, like you've got to call expired and you got to convert him and get the listing. And, you know, Bubba, blood, get in the door. Well, then you are literally It's an adversarial conversation, usually because you have to convince them of something. And you know, there's people on YouTube with their headsets in reading scripts that do that all day long, and that's that's not me. Obviously, that's not you. But you just called and said, Hey, what's going on? Why didn't the cell? And so that that helped you understand the overall market and the workings of the industry. So I imagine that built some confidence,

spk_0:   18:07
definitely, definitely, and also just realizing I really am able to engage in conversation very easily with people. I do care. I do think that you know, there's a reason why people list their house. It's sad when they're home doesn't sell because there's a reason they wanted to sell it because a they had a downsized be, you know, they wanted to live closer to their kids and grandkids. So just having a conversation and being caring really, is how I think of it now instead of like, let me just get your listing great, you know, and I and I think there's a lot of great agents making those calls using those scripts. My script just looks different. So you know, I'm not a scripted person, by all means. But, you know, listening to Tom very you know, I really think he has some great things that he puts out there that are useful and that makes sense to May. And so, using those scripts in the way I understand it, internalize them.

spk_1:   19:13
I still I'm I'm laughing cause I'm thinking about you. You just pick your kids up. You just left the carpool line. You like cold on kids. I gotta talk to Tom Ferry for a minute

spk_0:   19:21

spk_1:   19:21
get back toe. That's that's just not normal for most agents, but But that's awesome. What else? What other things helped you in the first part of your career. Your relationship with Tom? Very. Obviously. I'm just being able to hear from your brother and, you know, marketing basics, marketing techniques and everything. Like what? What else helped you That that maybe gave you a I don't want to say unfair advantage for that stupid, Um, but more of a head start. Like it just helped you jump start and jumped to Ah, success quicker.

spk_0:   19:58
The biggest head start jumpstart was when I was doing a video of a home touring a home on my mom used to watch this show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, and I wouldn't accent would walk around his mind. His name is slipping my mind, But he would walk around and shouted Leach Yes, Robin Li and he would showcase thes homes. And so I love that I used to watch antique MTV cribs. Don't want what's in the fridge. You know that, or like, their big line was like, this is where all the magic happens. So I was snow casing where all the magic happens where you know where where these homes are. And, um, I sent it to my brother and I said I said to my brother, Gary and said, What do you think of my video? And I was on an open house. So we did the video and people were coming in and I just kept hearing my phone go Blimp Lingling bling bling. Uh, I went from 500 followers if 500 to 15,000 in two hours

spk_1:   21:07
on instagram on instagram. Uh, well, what was that? When he's like, hey, my sisters in the business like, Yeah, I remember that.

spk_0:   21:14
And by the way, I had no idea. And I used, like, travel home. I don't even know how to get home because I didn't know how to even turn off my notifications. I wasn't I randomly maybe posted five things on Instagram. So I was like, What is happening? And I didn't realize, like, all these people were Now, follow me. So he said to me, You better answer all of them, Uh, and thank them in the comments or if there d m ing, you better, you know, respond. And he said, Here you go. You better do this every single day. You better put out content and and I was like Ah, And from that day in August, I have never not put out content. Now I don't put out enough content, but there is not one day that I've ever missed. I had the flu in February, not not this crazy stuff, but flu. I and I was literally shaking and sweating and still posting. My my mother in law had passed and we were driving. We couldn't get a flight. We drove seven hours to North Carolina. I was posting Rain Shine. Happy, Sad. I am posting every single day. I am commenting every single day. I am responding to D M's every single day. Um, so that has been a big part. The big push and the bigs part, probably That has really changed my business this year. I'm where I'm actually speak, being something that I worked on every single day I for, you know, all these years and now coming into fruition. So I think a lot of people are always looking for that Quick turn around a quick, um, deal. But I'm finally seeing that my instagram community is pulling through for May. My heart works paying off on asked so that the biggest point

spk_1:   23:14
So is Instagram that your platform of choice the your go to

spk_0:   23:19
Yeah, you know, it's so interesting and and I know have to diversify. But it's like it's the place where I feel the most comfortable. I love the community that I built. Um, the reason I didn't do Facebook originally, and it started with being a secret agent. It's because my Facebook originally was, you know, my kids pictures and and me and my close family and friends, right? And I wasn't ready to expose myself. So I gonna do much on there because I wasn't ready to showcase it. And now that I've built such a community on Instagram, it's kind of hard because I'm like, I love watching, like even yesterday for mothers say, commenting on many moms, Mom, friends through instagram that I've made like really having that connection. So it's been really fun, and, uh and I know I have to diversify. I mean, my brother says it all the time. It's like you should be posting 3 to 5 times like a long me. I I say that motherhood is my full time job. Being an agent is my full time job and social media. It really feels that I give 150% to those three areas and our full time jobs for May.

spk_1:   24:39
Absolutely e. I don't think he's wrong, like I don't think I post nearly enough, either. But you also have to balance that with what's realistic for your life and your and your priorities. Like you said, You know, ideally, yes, you get there, but it's not realistic for most people. So you just do the best you can and the consistency like you mentioned. You just do it every single day. That's where the magic happens, is just consistently being in front of your audience.

spk_0:   25:10
I think you know, the other thing for me that's really worked out is that my stuff is not fancy. I'm not putting out content that looks like, uh, anybody's done it because nobody's done it. It's been it's my face. It's my arm holding. I don't even have a camera light or one of those things on it. So, um, it's me posting. It's me sharing my journey. My story, Um, I don't have any fancy material out there. It's all been May. I haven't even tapped into that kind of stuff. Yeah, it's definitely something that I want to do in a goal of mine. Um, but I'm more of the mindset, like, slow and steady has really worked for me. Ah, because I want to still feel happy and passionate about it, and I don't want it to feel like a job. Um, and so I'm just doing everything that means something to May. So when you're looking at my closer, it is like what I'm feeling that die or what I've experienced and sometimes not even when I'm feeling that day that week, Because I need a day to kind of consume and understand my own thoughts on. You know, I just had the craziest deal, and I'll have to share that story next week. One thing slow down. But it was like a really interesting transaction that I hade, um, but it's all stories I want to share with people because they're all riel,

spk_1:   26:31
right? There's a lot this some great lessons in that, you know, one of them is you don't worry about it being perfect as far as your production quality. Like you don't have a ring light, you don't over edit, and you know, put the text on the top text on the bottom with the Progress bar and and all that. That's of school. I do that from time to time, but I almost feel like, Well, not almost. I do feel like the just the raw stuff, which is you talking to. Your camera is the most effective because people can make a connection with you that they can't if it's super over edited.

spk_0:   27:07
Yeah, I think I think that, um, it's all they know right now and it's working for May. Still not gonna change it.

spk_1:   27:15
I love that. I love that you just do it and it's working. Yeah, awesome. When did when did your success or the business start to really snowball in a positive direction? When did when did you really start to gain traction? And when did you notice you're getting traction?

spk_0:   27:33
So I would say that last year was starts in my second year. The start was really great. Right away to friends trusted me. You know, you talk about a big source of businesses. Your spear and I had two friends that reached out to me, and I remember saying like I said to my friend. Why Why did you pick May you know that I was so early on in the game like you could have picked anybody and they're like because of your heart. So it was very interesting, You know, that I was given that opportunity. I'm so grateful to them. Like I like I was tell them. But I'm super grateful for every client mind because I really feel like they're giving me a big opportunity. Selling or buying a home is possibly and probably most people's biggest investment. Absolutely. They're trusting me to make it work now. Did it feel amazing that my friend's house sold in less than five days with, like, a few five offers or some crazy like was that amazing? Definitely. And and I think where I find myself successful is that this year I feel confident, like when I'm talking. I knew what I was talking about last year. I didn't have enough, uh, strength to be like, Listen to me. But now I'm, like, so firm with when I really believe in something, and I know it's gonna work for my client like I'm willing to do your why, and it's always about price, right? I'm willing to do your wife for 10 days, but if this doesn't work, we're gonna have to try my way, because I know it'll work. So building that confidence really has literally, probably more than ever has come to me in the last month or two where I'm like No, I know what I'm doing. Please trust me. And when they do, it's like I listed a house in Bernardsville during this pandemic. An hour after I listed it, we held on to it. We held on to it that I was physical live the week when New Jersey really started feeling in. My husband works in the city and their office closed for three days, and I said, uh, New Jersey's next. So I called my clients. I'm selling their mom's estate and I said, Listen, there in Massachusetts, I'm like, I know you probably feel like cause I've been noticing your numbers, you know, with this virus happening, I want to hold off to see what happens, and they said, OK, um, and then I realized three weeks later and I communicated with them through the whole time. I said New Jersey's kind of shut down. But three weeks later what I noticed Waas Any house that would go on the market was scooped up like fairly quickly, and within my own team there was multiple offers. So I called them back up and I said, It's time and we listed it An hour later we had a showing. Ah, Within three days we had multiple offers and we're closing up end of this month. It's also, I think, just trusting and really show showing them that I actually believe in myself because I always knew, like, even last year. But I think the true successes Gosh, I really know it. I know it and just ah just allowing myself to be true and, ah, to be okay, what's, you know, putting my foot down a little bit, you know, right in the

spk_1:   30:53
exactly. And you're right, it takes confidence, and it takes practice to get there. I mean, for me. So I started in 2011 and I was not the same person that I am today by any stretch. It took me four or five years to really get any kind of confidence at all. Um I mean, wow, uh, and everyone has their own timeline. For that, we all start. Some of us start right next to the goal line. Some of us start right next to the other goal line, you know, 99 yards away. And, you know, we all just have different experiences, different mindsets and everything. So, um, you've got to just run your own race. And people hate that, especially when they're struggling. And they're like, Well, I need to sell some homes. I need to grow. Don't tell me to be patient. Don't tell me that I need to run my own race because, dammit, I want toe. I just want to get there.

spk_0:   31:48
We've all been there,

spk_1:   31:50
totally leave. I have. No,

spk_0:   31:52
I mean, I was I was definitely not patient. Definitely not patient, something crazy. I mean, my brother always appreciate, preaches patience, and it was like driving crazy because I'm like you naturally d n a our patient. I naturally DNA. I'm not patient. Ah, that used to drive me crazy. But I think part of the success has actually been the patients that the patients that this will come just knowing, um you know, when you are raised with two brothers, everything for me is like sports related or, you know, like I just needed the wraps every time I have a deal or anything that I talk about or even the failures. The conversations I have with my brothers and my little brother, whom I really respect as well is he's like, It's it's the wraps, these air, your raps And so that's how I'm going. And I think that, um, it is your own race. I find that when you're desperate, people feel it. When you're absolutely when you're desperate for a sale, I think not only do people feel it, but, like it's just so one not authentic. That, like the deal, doesn't feel good. That first year I was hanging out, not even qualified buyer Do you understand? I wouldn t now when I had a conversation and they don't want to get pre qualified, I'm like, Listen, this is what you have to dio Otherwise I'm not taking you out like I might not have that client, but I'm not gonna waste my time because they're like, Oh, I have money and they're not enough. No, I need to see the paper right that you're qualified. I'm not. I'm in position now where time is my time is actually valuable.

spk_1:   33:40
Absolutely. And going through the reps building that confidence is what got you there? Absolutely. I think all of us, at a certain stage in our career, have done similar things where we needed a deal. We needed business. We So we bend a little bit and we go maybe show homes to someone who wasn't pre qualified yet or, you know, whatever. Or maybe like, they're going to be such a pain in the ass. But I need the deal. And, you know, we learned pretty quickly why you shouldn't do those things. But I have to learn the hard way was like, That's how I learned. So in hindsight, I'm glad I did learn that because now I know what it feels like to have a nightmare client that I had a feeling when we first started that she was gonna be that way. And sure enough. And so now I'm just like, I don't want to go down that road again. I know what that looks like. Um, really going through the reps.

spk_0:   34:34
And not only that, then that was okay. But now your time is much more valuable. So it's not OK. Correct. Then I didn't mind because, you know, I got see homes. I got to learn the inventory. I was hoping and praying that maybe would come through and it didn't. But I at least learned something through that.

spk_1:   34:59
All right, so let's what are some of the things that you did aside from videos and posting on Instagram to market yourself and your business to really start to get that traction so that your spear of influence knew you knew your an agent? What are some of the specific tactics that you've used? Um, you know, to really grow and to get to get clients

spk_0:   35:20
so honestly, like my my brother knows this I'm super frugal, like I didn't want to spend any money ling at all. And I think in the beginning there's so many expenses that you have to pay right. That's insane. And so I didn't want to lose money. I knew that. So everything that I did were things that I could do without spending money. And when I say little things like yes running ads on Facebook or instagram, I haven't actually run any abs on Instagram, but our Facebook ads aren't aren't you know, things that are gonna push me over the edge. So I gonna buy, like, my signs or anything. I use start team signs, things like that, cause I wasn't willing to pay the hundreds of dollars, but essentially, like, it was so interesting. What I did was really just put out content on instagram. I spoke to people that are my friends and family That doesn't cost anything texting. I mean, you know, I have, ah, package. So I don't even know I text all the time. Um, those kind of things are team uses, you know? They're part of curator system, and so their marketing are are, you know, new listings, things like that. But just converting any anybody that came through through those leads, calling them emailing them. But really, the conversion for me and not spending a lot of money has been all through social all through conversation and all through meeting people, getting connected from friends and family and building relationships. That's it.

spk_1:   36:59
Do you get a lot of referrals?

spk_0:   37:01
Yeah. Now I'm starting to Well, believe it or not, I my getting a lot of refers. I'm starting to this issue. I'm starting to. So you know, being out there Ah, showcasing. I don't know. Most people don't necessarily want to move to Jersey, even though it's really beautiful. And a lot of people are not Not sure better as awesome spots. But, um, I actually do referrals often because, um, you know, I'm in a position where, you know, my brothers have this sports agency. So this year I put out a post as their sports agency continues to grow. I want to make sure that I maintain a relationship and make sure that our players for Vader sports, you know, are treated really well. And as I would expect for everybody, you know, I have a funny enough. I have a middle school friend who reached out to me and said, Hey, Liz, um, you know, I really love watching your passion for realist. See, I want to buy a house. My middle school friend, it's like, wow, like, that's amazing, you know? And so, um, I've been doing a lot of referrals this year. Actually,

spk_1:   38:13
I love that you and I. I imagine that that will happen more and more because of your audience on instagram and your consistent content he put out there. People now know you as a realtor in New Jersey, And so if there in Phoenix or they're in Salt Lake City, they remember you first cause you're in their news feed all the time. But that's that is why content is so important. It's not just done at the local level. And Liz, I want to hear how you've approached this because I think most agents, when they start their careers, especially, they think other agents or competitors and they try to avoid connecting with them or they don't associate with them. They don't network with them. I did. I'm like, I'm not gonna collect with them their competitors, right? My business absolutely took off when I started collaborating with other agents. Even local ones. Yes, so many different reasons. And I've done multiple episodes about why you should be doing that with everybody. Um, how did you settle into that? Like, where do you come down on that?

spk_0:   39:13
You're making me smile from year to year. But, uh, is something that I really have tapped into just recently, Uh, this year specifically. So I to I I thought there my competitor of not going to tag team with any of these agents. I want the business. I don't want them to have the business. But what I've realized is, you know, agents we know this. It takes two to make a deal go through, right? It's so much nicer when you're working with somebody. That is, first of all, works hard and knows the business right and then also incompetent. And then it's also, uh, just a better transaction. Like it's nice to have communication with other agent for May. Just like, you know, I like being able to pick up the phone. So I've really approached it very differently in recently. I, too, like thought like, Why would I highlight or spotlight other people or, like, really get enacted to them? And now I realized, like, Gosh, nothing is worse than dealing with an agent that really doesn't have it together and um is unpleasant. And so I remember when I was making those calls that Tom very was talking about, not only was I getting it from like people who actually picked up the phone, which was not that often, but you don't need appointments with other agents to see their listing with my client. I was always surprised by, like, how some agents are so rude. Oh, it's

spk_1:   40:51
the egos that the egos in just the B Yeah, Yeah, it's interesting.

spk_0:   40:57
Even the other day, somebody watch something in mine and said, Hey, wanna you know, I would love to team up and share with you about you know, how we help agents with their taxes and and I wrote something. I hope you and your family are well and healthy during this pandemic. I'm super happy with who I have right now, but if that forever changed any time changes, you know, I'll reach out. And they were, like, just taking back by what I think they think is a kind response because I think people a don't even respond be or snappy. I mean, I mean, not reading the Yeah, my fault. I read that I am a less wrong. I didn't know you wanted to be like texted, or now I'm really great. But like Day seven and Day 17 and Day 27 Day 47. Maybe I mis read it. I didn't know that calling you would like Theriot apart. Yeah, you don't have time to be wasted by just fine. But like, you don't have to be rude. Like I just approached all of that very differently. There's there's agents that I respect in this industry. Ah, there's an agent in my town of Baskin Ridge. I respect her. She's been in it for a long time. Um, and I see what she does, and I think she's super kind. Her and I have a very nice relationship through text message because she has a ton of list things here. And I just want to work with people better, kind and awesome, incompetent,

spk_1:   42:22
absolutely, and being connected on social media with local competitors. Uh, it's it really helps because because of familiarity, if I'm a listing agent and I get 10 offers, but I know a couple of the list or the buyer's agents who submitted them, and I know because we're connected that they're confident. I know that kind of personality that they seem like good people and that when they say that their buyer is a certain you know, like they're this, they're that I believe them. I can't help but take more weight or put more weight on that. They're just some random offer that's emailed. And by the way, don't you love it when they just email on offer and you have no communication

spk_0:   43:04
at all? Yeah,

spk_1:   43:06
unbelievable. The laziness. But when you know someone, even if it's just a social media connection, that's powerful. And I know that I've helped win multiple offer, have helped win bidding wars because they trusted what I was saying more than some of these other unknowns.

spk_0:   43:22
Every Yeah, and they hurry more with you. I couldn't work. They're not my, you know, Arch rival rival early. Can't even say the word. Um, you know, honestly, it's a tag team. It's it's really it's just a lot of pieces attorneys that don't work while like, I also love working with attorneys that I trust because I love picking up the phone and saying, Hey, like we need to get on this like this has taken too long. Can you help me out? Blah, blah, having that or having even lenders that you know we're gonna come through during this pandemic? These large banks are like not being able to close, and I have people that want to move out of the city in 30 days. I have a London that could make it happen. So Tack, teaming with people that could make the deal go through is is key, and especially if they're pleasant and kind. It's always nice to do business with those kind of people,

spk_1:   44:21
absolutely. And it makes the business more fun. It really does. When you have a friendly relationship with agents in your market and outside of it, it just makes it more fun, more enjoyable, because then you get socializing and, you know, you get friendships out of the business you're already doing. It sucks when I see people separate the two.

spk_0:   44:40
I just did a deal at the start of this pandemic. My clients were moving from Florida, the husband we met on Instagram. Um, they came in October. I showed them to towns. They had an idea of one town because they're friends, that it was amazing. I showed them areas. Then they can't. Her husband came back in February and we had two days to find a house. Wow. And they put it, uh, an offer in on one house and like really quickly. We just knew that as an agent, we I knew. And, ah, as the buyer, they sense that this deal wasn't feeling right. And so they wanted to go with the other house. And so I called. I called the other agent and I said, Listen, my clients are about to pull out of a deal. I'm gonna be straight to the face. This is what's the number? Would your people even consider this number? What do we have to do to get this close? My people are moving in 30 days, and she that aging was like, Oh, my God, Liz, thank you so much. Like, I don't even want to waste anybody's time like, Is this something that people are even considering? Like, would this even be in number that they would consider? Could we get it done? And then from there, we kind of negotiate a little bit back and forth. Then we write up the contract, and then I'm like, I need you to promise that we're gonna be out of attorney review in 48 hours. She has an attorney that she trusts. I had an attorney that I trusted, and we got it done for these people. There was no dilly dally and she said, I just really respect and appreciate your candidness. And also just like, let's just get this done. If we can't no playing around, I think like where agents might get concerned and where maybe I thought, it's like when we're negotiating for friends. We don't want them to think we're weak or like we really want to be aggressive, blah, blah, blah. But you really just get deals done at then does Day. It's like everybody has a number. Let's just figure this out

spk_1:   46:40
right, and you can do it in a collaborative way That's not adversarial, that whole negotiating term I It's funny when I hear people think that it's a battle. Yeah, because honestly, like it can be. It absolutely can be. But I have found now Salt Lake City people are different than East Coast. You know, the city. I get it. But I found it by collaborating like that. Now, both people, both sides of the deal, want to make it work. It becomes a team effort as opposed to this battle. And guess what? You're more productive. You're like, Well, you know what? My clients need this but I guess that makes sense. Let me see if we could do that. And,

spk_0:   47:20
you know, you negotiate different, like there's always, like, bottom lines, and you're not giving away your cards And like, you know, I like negotiating. But at then, today I don't want to negotiate where there's gonna be zero deals. Like my people want this house or your people want this house. However, you to figure this out. Let's get to the common denominator and figure this out.

spk_1:   47:41
Fantastic. That is fantastic advice. So if you are listening in your if you think of it as a battle when you go into negotiate with other agents or make an offer on a property, try flipping it to a collaborative approach where you're just you know, that they want to sell the house. Your clients want to buy it, figure it out Simple, simple. Is that

spk_0:   48:02
I think so.

spk_1:   48:03
Yeah, Liz, real quick, because I wanna, uh I want to make sure that we have time for the rapid fire questions at the end with just some either Or questions. Ah, but before that, what's next for you? So what do you What do you planning on doing? What does your business look like next year? The year after Whatever. What do you building towards, um I want to get your ambitions here. Like what? You trying to build Liz?

spk_0:   48:27
Yeah. You know, it's so funny. My North star has always been in this hole. This whole career for me has always been happiness. A minute. This doesn't feel happy for me. I'm out, and I'm gonna do something that makes me happy. Like I'm really passionate about that. When I was a teacher, I loved it was Teacher of the Year Second Europe teaching. I still I'm in touch with these families during this pandemic checking in it always felt good. And then I became a mom, like, you know, being stay at home moms, you know, make creating a house like making meals volunteering felt good until, like, it didn't feel good until I didn't want to empty the dishwasher anymore until my brain wanted to do something else until I need the other other areas to feel fulfilled and so good to do this until it doesn't make me happy. Where do I want to go? Like Listen, I'm not confused. It takes a long time to build a business and a successful business. Yes, I'm more successful than I was last year. Uh, and the year before, But I'm not out that success yet. I don't know when I'll get there. Wherever I think it is, it's not even a number. But if I know feeling right, uh, I just want to be more successful. What that looks like to me is I want to be happy next year. I want to help more clients. I wanted Lismore homes. I want to help buyers. I enjoyed both listing and selling very differently, helping buyers very differently. I've loved helping first time homeowners loved it. Love to helping. I've been working with downsize er's That's been really interesting and fun, and I have a great perspective. Uh, you know, because I helped my aunt and uncle downsize. That was amazing. Um, what it looks like for me what I want to build. I just want to be happy wherever that is. I want to be I want to continue Ah, doing instagram and having women reach out to me and says I thank you so much like I'm a stay at home mom. That feels so good to make That feels amazing. Like sometimes I read back like, I'm like what? Like, I can't believe that uninspiring people that feels crazy to make Bill. I'm just a mom. I'm just like a 40 year old New Jersey woman. You know, it's pretty crazy to makes, so I like that feeling. So whatever that is, I want to continue doing that

spk_1:   50:57
more of that.

spk_0:   50:58
More of that.

spk_1:   50:59
That's cool. Do you see yourself building a team and being a team leader? Do you see yourself starting around brokerage? Or,

spk_0:   51:06
you know, I think everybody was like, Oh, you're gonna have Venner, Boehner brokerage like, you know, And And the problem is, I probably would. But I don't think my brothers are on board. Uh, but I don't want that responsibility right now. I'm I'm a mom first and foremost that I want to raise my kids. My son is 10. My daughter, six. I still have point a ways to go before I feel like they're gonna be super independent. Where I think something new for me is really embracing that I'm a mom that likes toe work that, you know, like I did. I've always kind of shied away from that because I don't want people to think I don't love being a mom. I think there's, you know, such an interesting perspective and thought for women who love to actually work. I love working. I could work when I worked 14 hour days. I am, like, so driven. So I want to make it OK for women to understand that just because he loved toe work and love what you dio that doesn't make you about Mom. It makes you a great mom because honestly ah, happy Mom equals happy kids.

spk_1:   52:10
And you're just they're watching you. They're seeing They're seeing you work hard. They're seeing the happiness that comes from working hard. They're there watching all of that and soaking it in so I could not agree more like, I think, as long as you enjoy doing it, that is, that is the great way of being a great mom is leading by example and showing them Hey, I juggle all this stuff. I juggle this craziness and I'm still able to be successful and I love it. I think that's great. That is leading

spk_0:   52:43
by example. I and I and I really believe in that? I'm okay. I'm trying to embrace that more cause I do have Mom guilt and I'm realizing warm or my kids who were seen My son wrote like, the sweetest poem to me yesterday, and I cried because I, you know, his first line was like, Mom, you are the shining star of our family playing that that like and you make me feel safe and at home every time I'm with you, that's it. Like, that's the way I felt about my stale home mom. And just a I always question, Just have that validation was really huge. Your your question on team, I don't look too to create a team any. I don't see that in my vision. I'm very happy being part of my team. I'm also I think a lot of people quickly think that they, um the having all your commission feels were exciting. But I I like being part of team. I like leaning on people if I need Teoh right now, right here in this game. So I don't see that anytime soon, if at all.

spk_1:   53:47
Totally get it. Yep. It's far too many people focus on the cost of doing a transaction and not on the value that maybe you're giving up some of your commission for And maybe that's the team. And maybe that's ah, you re sources or tools. Whatever it looks like there's a 1,000,000 different business models. But that's the important thing is look at it as value, not just the cost of doing a deal. If that's all you care about, you go find a brokerage little you know, 1 95 per deal, like Okay, um, doesn't mean that you're gonna get what you want.

spk_0:   54:18
Yeah, Exactly.

spk_1:   54:19
Yeah. Love it. Cool. Um, do you have time for the rapid fire questions? Awesome. Let's do it. So just pick either or you don't need to elaborate unless

spk_0:   54:28
you want to like and is. Let's go.

spk_1:   54:31
Awesome. Facebook or Instagram Instagram instagram are linked in instagram instagram or tick talk.

spk_0:   54:40
Oh, Instagram, I'm not a dancer, but I'm going t please, Homes, I can't wait to get back into homes I haven't been inside on. I sold a home and didn't even step foot in it. That was, like, really interesting. And, um but I'm going to get down on that tic tac. Really soon when I can I'm gonna say, OK, I'm going to just dio I think a lot of people are confused. Tick talk. You don't have to dance, but you have to put on 10. So I'm just Case Holmes. I did want it. I love the way. Look, So I can't wait to get back on that

spk_1:   55:15
a school and congratulations. You've been thriving in this locked down in this crazy cove in 19 World where you can't even go show homes. But yet you're still selling them. So congratulations on making it happen.

spk_0:   55:27
Thank you.

spk_1:   55:29
Podcasting or audiobooks? Podcasting, podcasting or physical books. Podcasting, iPhone or android

spk_0:   55:39
iPhone All the way.

spk_1:   55:41
Good call Alexa or Google home?

spk_0:   55:44
Oh, both. Totally. Yeah.

spk_1:   55:49
Burgers or pizza? Pizza? New York or L. A

spk_0:   55:54
New York

spk_1:   55:56

spk_0:   55:57
NFL? Let's go Jets.

spk_1:   56:00
Yes. College or pro Pro? Um, football or baseball? Football? Mountains or beach?

spk_0:   56:10
I know. Listen, I got a baseball games. I can't even go to them because our seats are close and I keep I swear I'm docking All probably well coming. I don't like that. I don't like it at all.

spk_1:   56:23

spk_0:   56:23
I was also the worst softball player. I have no hand eye coordination. So I stink at softball and tennis. And but I want to pick up tennis, so I don't know, maybe my game will get stronger.

spk_1:   56:35
Tennis is fun. It really is like I didn't even start playing tennis till college, and I played every frickin night. It's been a while, very out of shape, but tennis is. It's just a fun game.

spk_0:   56:47
I don't want to do the running, but if somebody could bounce the ball, so that's what I want.

spk_1:   56:52
Like, would you hit it to me, please? So I don't have to move mountains or beach beach? Um, let's see. Podcasting or vlogging room flogging YouTube or Facebook live

spk_0:   57:07
Facebook live or you to beauty. I'm going YouTube. I'm gonna start YouTube like I'm collecting all my stuff. I'm about to get on

spk_1:   57:16
that. Me to YouTube is one of those places that I just have have ignored because of bandwidth.

spk_0:   57:21

spk_1:   57:22
at least that's the excuse I give myself. Um, it's just too big of an opportunity way.

spk_0:   57:27
That's where and by the way, that's where I'm gonna pay for people to edit. No, I just collect it. I want to drop it off. I want to pay somebody and I want them to do it, Um, but in particular, and I'll figure it out. But that's my next move. 100.

spk_1:   57:47
Love it. I love that. I'm excited for that. I can't wait till you to see your YouTube videos, uber or lift uber. Now, I asked this of every other I'm gonna ask it anyway, just cause it's funny. I asked this of every other guest, Gary V or Grant Cardone

spk_0:   58:03
Gary V all the way.

spk_1:   58:06
That's pretty much the response that I get from everybody. So, uh, I mean, that's safe.

spk_0:   58:10
Answer in a choice.

spk_1:   58:11
It's not even a choice, not even choice. What's the most impactful book that you've ever read or listen to?

spk_0:   58:18
Um, I think it was. I'm so bad it, like titles will crushing it, crushing it. Really Look that I actually read on that flight to Germany with my brother, where I signed up for real estate school and he was editing crushing it, and I got to read it before it was released, and I thought, These people are listening to my brother and are successful, and I'm his sister with the same DNA and same blood. And you're telling me that I'm not following his rules? So crushing it and then I love like Tuesdays with Morrie, like all about life. Just like like, get it together people, life is so beautiful, that kind of stuff, you know,

spk_1:   59:03
it really is. I get it together,

spk_0:   59:05
people's or the greatest salesman stuff like deep impacted things like that

spk_1:   59:11
Love it, um And then give us an app recommendation. Which app are you using? A lot of or that you're obsessed with right now.

spk_0:   59:17
A man. Let's say I got a look at what I'm actually using. I mean, the APS that I have are, like, slack I use every day, right? Like, that's not even, um

spk_1:   59:27
I heard a slack notification come in earlier

spk_0:   59:30
then. Now my kids air coming in. I guess lack would be like notes, things like that. My like flashlight When im practical practical stuff. Nothing crazy. I mean, my kids like if I showed you ring Oh, ice cream map and ah, ice Cream Inc and candy crush for my kids. They take over my phone and then I get notifications on like, ah, get this off finder. All practical stuff.

spk_1:   59:55
Awesome. Well, Liz, thank you so much. I really appreciate you coming on the show and sharing your story. It's ah, it's cool to see what you've built for yourself. And, you know, access to information is only one One thing it's important, of course, but now I have to do something with it. You have to You have You have to take action and and, you know, put this stuff that you just learned into practice, and you have and so it's really cool. Toe watch your journey. I'm really excited to see what you do over the next couple of years. It looks like you really having fun. And, you know, I really appreciate you sharing your story

spk_0:   1:0:29
so much. Absolutely. I really enjoyed it.

spk_1:   1:0:32
Absolutely. And where can people find you and follow you and stay up to date on what you're up to

spk_0:   1:0:37
so you can find me on instagram, Liz Novello allies e and O V V. An O v e l l o. Again, I'm like my kids were walking in this room. Um, I used to think Vaynerchuk was like a name very easily butchered. But then I became Novello and people call me Novella And I'm like It's an o a pensar Oh, um Facebook. Same place, lengthen. Same place, all same name.

spk_1:   1:1:03
Awesome. Liz, thank you so much. Thank you so much. This was so fun. You better take care. Thank you guys. So much for listening. If you enjoy this episode, if you found it valuable in any way, shape or form, please. For the love of God, do us a favour. Being that this is a free podcast. We don't charge you to listen. Who the hell does that anyways? But we don't, and I'm a marketer, so I'm going to spin it as they were doing you, Mr Listener. Mrs. Listener, we're doing you a favor by giving you a free podcast. So now that I've guilted you, please share this. If you found value in its share, This with a friend, a colleague, a team member, team leader, your broker, your office, a Facebook group. That's for other agents. Whatever it is, please help us to share it. And that is all we ask. So help us share the good word. If you found it to be a good word or the good word. Whatever way. Appreciate it. So thank you, guys. Thanks for listening. Appreciate it so much. We'll see you back here next week for another episode of the massive agent podcast. Take care.