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How to Talk to Consumers in 2022

January 06, 2022 Dustin Brohm Episode 211
Massive Agent Podcast
How to Talk to Consumers in 2022
Show Notes

Ever wonder why your posts don't hit the mark or why you aren't connecting with consumers? Maybe you're talking over their heads. Although consumers are savvy, they don’t necessarily understand industry jargon. When we repost real estate news headlines without additional context, we may have the opposite effect of our goal.
Massive Agent Podcast host Dustin Brohm, shares some great advice on this episode. He reminds us what it means to be a consumer and how important it is to educate and connect with our clients. Consumers are not real estate pros. They hire us to give them insight on what the headlines mean to them. Dustin advises that producing better content, leads to more exposure, and ultimately more business. He also shares some big news about plans for the re-launch of the Massive Agent Society. You don't want to miss this!

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