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Realtors, Do Videos On These Topics Immediately

March 31, 2022 Episode 223
Massive Agent Podcast
Realtors, Do Videos On These Topics Immediately
Show Notes

As real estate agents we understand the importance of using social media to stay “top of mind” with buyers and sellers. That means we are constantly trying to find relatable content for our online audience. We know we should be posting something almost every day; but what should we post, and where do we start?

Today Dustin Brohm, host of the Massive Agent Podcast has some very specific instructions for us when it comes to “edutaining” audiences on TikTok and Instagram. Dustin leads the conversation by explaining the importance of providing educational content based in facts, while being entertaining and engaging. 

Listen in as Dustin dives deep into some specific topics that we can post now. Those topics include educating sellers on lease backs, non-QM loans, and the roller coaster of home prices. He reminds us that we can let the algorithm do the work for us if we post great content. We can give our opinion based on the data and be okay with people disagreeing with us. 

Remember the goal is to reach potential and repeat clients, so that we can provide them with great advice, and awesome service for one of the largest purchases they will ever make in their lives. 

Mentioned on this episode:
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