Massive Agent Podcast

Getting ALL Your Business From Social Media w/ Shannon Gillette

April 28, 2022 Episode 227
Massive Agent Podcast
Getting ALL Your Business From Social Media w/ Shannon Gillette
Show Notes

Do you have a YouTube channel?  Even better, would you rather have 300 people see your home listing or 10,000? On this week's episode of the Massive Agent Podcast,  Realtor and content marketer Shannon Gillette joins host Dustin Brohm to discuss the crucial aspect of marketing your content and why a few years of trial and error are bound to pay off big time.

Shannon Gillette is in the top 15 Realtors in the Phoenix East Valley, on track to close $80-$100 million in real estate this year. After jumping into property management right from high school, she started to build and scale a sales team to what is now The Gillette Group. Her success, however, did not come easily, nor did it come overnight. What did Shannon do that her competitors did not to garner such high stature in her market? 

Listen to the conversation as Shannon walks us step by step through her experience from when she acquired her license in 2005 to where she is now. Having been through multiple speed bumps and life lessons, she is adamant about three things: 

  1. Find a role model
  2. Start making videos
  3. Remain consistent

Shannon has never listed a home without a professional video commercial, and it has paid off! The only thing gatekeeping you is fear and nervousness. Once you get over that, there is no reason why you should not be posting powerful videos!

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