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How Realtors Should Prepare For a Recession

May 12, 2022 Episode 229
Massive Agent Podcast
How Realtors Should Prepare For a Recession
Show Notes

Are you prepared for a recession to hit? If not, you may be setting yourself up for failure. A lot of agents don't understand that there is a big difference between a market cooling, and a market crashing. Recognizing the signs of market cooling and being proactive is what is going to help you avoid trouble.

Today on the Massive Agent Podcast, host Dustin Brohm explains in detail exactly what you need to do to prepare for a recession as a realtor. Even if you don't think a recession is going to hit,  these are things that you should still be doing! Dustin urges you to:

  • Diversify your income - Don't rely only on commission!
  • Understand what is happening, why, and what the results will be
  • Stand out online - Video presence is a must

This episode is full of valuable guidance for anyone navigating market instability, especially new agents and those who did not experience the severity of the 2007-2008 recession.  Get out of the mindset that business is going to continue like normal forever because it's not. Be proactive, hire a transaction coordinator, and stay ahead of demand changes!

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