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How Instagram's Recent Changes Will Affect Realtors w/ Neel Dhingra

June 09, 2022 Episode 233
Massive Agent Podcast
How Instagram's Recent Changes Will Affect Realtors w/ Neel Dhingra
Show Notes

Why do so many content creators experience a fluctuation in views on their Instagram reels and TikToks? We often point the finger at ourselves and our content, thinking about how we can improve; however, that is not always the cause of a drop in views. Also, it is not because the algorithm hates you. What If there was an everlasting learning curve to these sophisticated algorithms that, once mastered, would garner exponential growth?

On today's episode of the Massive Agent Podcast, Instagram and content master Neel Dhingra joins Dustin Brohm to discuss the importance of staying current with digital marketing strategies, specifically those pertaining to short-form content (i.e. IG, TikTok, YT Shorts). Neel is well versed in the complexity of growing on social media and notes that algorithms are constantly changing and becoming more challenging to master.

Listen to Neel's secrets on how YOU can stay at the top of the ever so competitive real estate niche and reap the benefits of having a following in 2022. Tactics such as reviewing google trends, broadening your video topics, and providing simple prompts in your stories will play a HUGE part in helping you win the algorithm over, evidently resulting in higher conversion. So, what's your next move?

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