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The Path to a Billion $ Real Estate Team w/ Dan Lesniak

September 08, 2022 Episode 246
Massive Agent Podcast
The Path to a Billion $ Real Estate Team w/ Dan Lesniak
Show Notes

Is it better to roll as a solo real estate agent or, work on building a team of agents? That's the question many new agents are asking themselves. Ideally, you'd want to build a team, but it's easier said than done. Most agents can't go out and make 3 hires off the bat; they just don't have the funding or time of day (unless they have the capital). However, once at the threshold, the first hires agents should make to their team is administrative help.

On this week's episode of the Massive Agent Podcast, Dan Lesniak, Founder of Hyper Fast Agent and experienced real estate mogul joins host Dustin Brohm to discuss the importance of knowing how and when to build a sales team. Dan notes that the biggest mistake made by Realtors is focusing solely on selling homes rather than growth and expansion. The reality is, that agents should be hiring and expanding at every opportunity they get.

Listen to the conversation as Dan dives into his experience of building a 7-figure team in just over a decade. He attributes his success to prioritizing his work and using his home selling platform to broaden his horizons. With that, he has been able to move into real estate development, investment, and Airbnb rental. A lot of agents start with unrealistic expectations for growth - Don't. Cheat. Yourself. Hire when you are ready to be responsible for others.

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