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Hit the Ground Running in a New Market w/ Shelby Traylor

November 24, 2022 Dustin Brohm Episode 257
Massive Agent Podcast
Hit the Ground Running in a New Market w/ Shelby Traylor
Show Notes

What is one thing that agents DO NOT want to do constantly? Move. Markets. Changing markets for agents is the equivalent of an employee's first day at a new job or a student's first day at a new school. It's an adjustment period that no one really wants to undertake. However, agents move to new markets all the time. Whether it be for family reasons or a job opportunity, moving markets doesn't have to destroy your real estate career. In reality, it can do quite the opposite for you.

On this week's episode of the Massive Agent Podcast, Host Dustin Brohm sits down with Realtor Shelby Traylor to talk about the difficulties and benefits of moving markets as a Realtor. Shelby just recently moved from North Carolina to Austin, Texas. Meaning she left the sphere of influence that she built and entered a place where the business proceedings are different.  Seems intimidating, right? Well, not for Shelby. After a small adjustment period, she was able to hit the ground running.

Listen to the conversation as Shelby goes into detail on how moving markets helped refine her goals and ideas of success. After being on a team for about a year, it didn't align with her lifestyle, so she made the necessary changes to get off said team. Yes, things matter outside of real estate. But Too many agents use "life" as an excuse to fail as a Realtor. Changing your mindset will allow you to flourish in a new market without feeling a sense of imposter syndrome.

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