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MAP 088: Why Realtors Should Embrace iBuyers, Not Fear Them w/ Kevin Kauffman

August 28, 2019 Dustin Brohm Episode 88
Massive Agent Podcast
MAP 088: Why Realtors Should Embrace iBuyers, Not Fear Them w/ Kevin Kauffman
Show Notes

Yet another open, honest conversation about the stuff that actually matters to real estate agents. This week, Kevin Kauffman joins us to talk about iBuyers, and whether they should be feared or embraced by real estate agents. Once you have the full story and have a better understanding of how iBuyers like Opendoor, Zillow Offers, and Offerpad work, you may be have a very different opinion than you thought you would.

If you only read the headlines, iBuyers are taking over and putting Realtors out of business at an alarming rate. If you listen to the pessimistic banter in pretty much any Realtor Facebook Group, you'd think that all Realtors will be completely obsolete by dinner time next Thursday, and that any seller who chose to sell to an iBuyer is just the dumbest piece of garbage on the planet.

Or, if you take a few minutes to actually educate yourself on iBuyers, you may actually feel differently. To really have a grip on reality and to better service your clients, you need to understand how iBuyers work; what they offer, what fees they charge, what their ultimate goal is, the difference between a brokerage's iBuyer program and an institutional iBuyer like Opendoor, Zillow, Offerpad, etc.

As with most things these days, headlines are extremely misleading, or at best, wildly incomplete. A little education and context goes a long way, and after this episode, you'll have the context you need to use iBuyers to your advantage. Providing more options to a potential home seller is a GOOD thing, and by doing right by them, you will certainly sell more homes. Now you know what to look for, and how to approach this fairly new, yet growing, iBuyer business model once it reaches your real estate market.

This week, we're joined by Kevin Kauffman, a real estate industry leader with an incredible amount of experience with iBuyers and the effect they have on our industry. Kevin is the Co-Founder of Group 46:10 Real Estate Network and co-founder of Next Level Agents. He also co-hosts the Inman Innovator Award Nominated podcast, Kevin and Fred's Next Level Podcast.

Stay tuned after the interview (with an open mind!) and hear a deeper conversation about why myself, and Kevin and Fred chose to move their entire multi-state real estate team to eXp Realty, and how this fast growing real estate brokerage may actually be exactly what YOU have been looking for as well.

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