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The Problem with Facebook Ads w/ Grant Wise

October 29, 2020 Dustin Brohm Episode 149
Massive Agent Podcast
The Problem with Facebook Ads w/ Grant Wise
Show Notes

No doubt, there are some problems that Realtors run into with Facebook Ads. Many real estate agents are frustrated by ads being rejected automatically. So many things Realtors need to consider when running Facebook Ads. Did you check the Special Ad Category box for Housing? Are you using any restricted words or phrases in your ads? Did the Facebook algorithm screw up and reject your ad when it shouldn't have?

These issues are frustrating, but they are not road blocks. They're speed bumps, and Real Estate Agents just need to now how to get past these issues. Which is exactly what we talk about this week with Grant Wise, the co-founder of Witly.

We don't only talk about how to troubleshoot Facebook Ads, but we describe the best ways for Real estate agents to use Facebook ads to get leads, and retarget those leads over time to increase lead conversion. Grant describes a very specific Facebook ad that works virtually every time it's used, so you can copy it and start driving new leads into your business too.

Finally, Grant tells us about his amazing new software tool that *automates* the whole Facebook ads process for Realtors. Thats right, it automates everything; from the creation of the ads, to making adjustments over time to improve performance, to retargeting your leads with great video ads to dramatically increase your lead response. It's called Witly, and it's AWESOME. 

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