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Lack of Leads is NOT Your Problem w/ ZillowKiller

April 08, 2021 Dustin Brohm Episode 172
Massive Agent Podcast
Lack of Leads is NOT Your Problem w/ ZillowKiller
Show Notes

Whoa, what a show! We went DEEP with James Rembert, aka ZillowKiller about how agents are thinking about online marketing all wrong. There's a fundamental flaw in the way so many agents view social media and real estate marketing online. But James will set you straight.

One of the paradigm shifts that many Realtors will find helpful is when James says that "the internet is a presence... not a destination." Don't worry, he'll explain.  THIS new way of looking at social media to promote yourself as a Realtor can be HUGE.

You'll also hear why a lack of leads is not the problem; obscurity is. Leads aren't the issue! The issue is that no one knows who the hell you are! So how do Realtors fix it?

It's time for school.

About our Guest:

James Rembert, founder of DigitalNatives Inc & The ZillowKiller brand. is a talented designer and trained marketing strategist who began his journey as a licensed Realtor® in New Jersey. 

His natural transition to marketing and advertising was birthed out of the misleading and confusing information offered to the real estate industry. That made it difficult for Realtors to generate quality leads for their real estate business. 

While setting out to solve the puzzle of lead generation for his own business, James was able to change the landscape of the real estate marketing industry by not only making lead generation easier to understand but also making it accessible.

Connect w/ ZillowKiller, James Rembert:

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