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How and WHY Big Real Estate Teams Pivot w/ Kevin Kauffman

May 20, 2021 Dustin Brohm Episode 178
Massive Agent Podcast
How and WHY Big Real Estate Teams Pivot w/ Kevin Kauffman
Show Notes

Most Realtors become agents for the lifestyle and freedom it offers, only to find they are more stressed and have less time than they ever imagined. Realtors don’t have to feel trapped in their current business model. 

Maybe it’s time to be honest with ourselves and consider a business model that offers more to our families than a commission check. Sometimes, we forget the team that matters the most is the one at home. It might be time to have an open mind.

On this episode of the Massive Agent Podcast, we are talking to Kevin Kauffman, REALTOR®, podcaster, and Team Leader of the Group 46:10 Network. Kevin is also co-founder of one of the largest Facebook masterminds in real estate, Next Level Agents.

Kevin  was previously on episode 88, with some great tips on iBuyers. Now he’s back to tell us about the giant mistakes he made while building a traditional real estate team, and about the challenges he had finding a business model that fit. We’ll have a deep dive into his 3 criteria for going with a brokerage vs independent, and the game changer that made all the difference.

If you want more from your real estate business, this is definitely the episode for you.

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