Massive Agent Podcast

How One Agent Wins Every Listing w/ Krista Mashore

September 02, 2021 Episode 193
Massive Agent Podcast
How One Agent Wins Every Listing w/ Krista Mashore
Show Notes

Cold calling, door knocking and connecting with your sphere of influence are all tried and true methods of lead generation. But what if, like Blockbuster, they are the old way of doing business. Are you ready to become like Netflix, learn from a Top 1% Realtor, and step into the latest marketing trends to win more listings? If you answered “yes”, then today’s episode is just for you.

Top 1% REALTOR® and Digital Marketing Coach, Krista Mashore, joins Dustin Brohm on today’s episode of the Massive Agent Podcast. Krista squashes all excuses about how social media is too hard, and about not knowing what to post. She drills down on her pre-listing process that wins virtually every listing, and shares an excerpt from her video listing presentation. 

Listen closely as Krista and Dustin share some great advice on the benefits of working with a coach, and the reasons most agents give up before they see results. This episode will really make you re-think your marketing strategy. The secret is to stop marketing 1-to-1 and start marketing 1-to-many. 

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