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Your Problem Is Not Really Your Problem

September 30, 2021 Dustin Brohm Episode 197
Massive Agent Podcast
Your Problem Is Not Really Your Problem
Show Notes

Often in business we think we have a specific issue to address, only to find out the problem is something else entirely! Perhaps it’s something we haven’t considered, or it’s a symptom of a deeper issue we have yet to uncover. Once we get to the root of a problem, we can fix it and begin the growth process.

Today on the Massive Agent Podcast, host Dustin Brohm encourages us to take a long hard look at the problems that are plaguing our business. Whether it’s getting listings, setting up systems,  or increasing our finances,  problems tend to be symptoms of something greater occurring in our mindset. Often we'll find our problems are not unique to us, and others have left maps to success if we are willing to follow them.

Dustin encourages us to ask ourselves questions that really stretch our subconscious mind. What are we struggling with? Why are we unable to see growth in this part of our business?  Perhaps it's a deeply held mindset, belief, or lack of training in a particular area. Whatever the reason, if self-awareness is how we grow, then this podcast episode is a great place to start. 

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