Massive Agent Podcast

How I Missed One of the Biggest Investment Opportunities of My Life

November 18, 2021 Episode 204
Massive Agent Podcast
How I Missed One of the Biggest Investment Opportunities of My Life
Show Notes

Today on the Massive Agent Podcast, host Dustin Brohm revisits his short journey from real estate investor to real estate agent. Being brand new to the industry several years ago, Dustin relied on inaccurate information provided by his agent which led to somewhat disappointing returns on his first investment property. Soon after that experience he became a licensed agent, received his first commission check and never looked back. Was that a mistake?

Dustin shares how he closed the door on real estate investing due to his limiting beliefs and all the reasons he thought he couldn’t do it. Hindsight reveals he definitely should have put more effort into investing. On this episode he shares a profound yet simple statement, “The quality of the questions you ask determines the quality of your life.” Rather spouting all the reasons why he couldn’t invest, he should have been asking how he could.

Dustin encourages us to ask better questions, like how we can achieve a goal or accomplish more. Using lack of information as an excuse is no longer valid. Today we can learn almost anything for free. As real estate professionals it’s time to stop waiting for opportunities to appear. If you want something, go get it. What are you waiting for?


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